Weave Extensions

We offer full head, half head or track and weave to create you desired look. Weave gives you the opportunity to try different styles and colour without damaging your own hair.

Micro-Bonding Extensions

These are the most safest and unnoticeable hair extensions available. There is no heat, glue or chemicals needed for this method of applying hair extensions. Micro-bonding guarantees you no damage to your own natural hair therefore your hair will continue to grow naturally.

Micro Rings Extensions

Are suitable for all hair textures from fine to thick. It allows you to add more volume, length, highlights and lowlights to the hair and can easily blend with your own hair.

Feel free to book a free consultation with our hair stylist.

A deposit is required on all services stated below. Shampoo & blow dry, treatments, styling or cutting hair extensions into a style are NOT included in price, except if stated differently - see extras

Hair Extensions Price
Full Head Tracks & Finish (Does Not Include Hair) £120
Single Tracks (Does not include the hair, cutting or styling-See Extras) Full head is about 5 £20 PER ROW
Bonded Hair Extensions £310
Balman Bonded Hair Extensions £550
Balman Double Hair Extensions £350
Bonded Hair Removal £40